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Tiger Shark, Hammerhead Prohibitions Start Jan. 1

Tiger Shark, Hammerhead Prohibitions Start Jan. 1


The recreational and commercial harvest of tiger sharks and smooth, scalloped and great hammerhead sharks will be prohibited in Florida state waters beginning Jan. 1.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved the management change at its Nov. 16 Commission meeting in an effort to further protect these top predators.

The Jacksonville Humane Society Reminds Families to Keep Pets Safe on Halloween

The Jacksonville Humane Society Reminds Families to Keep Pets Safe on Halloween

The Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS), a non-profit animal welfare and education organization, is encouraging families to ensure their pets are safe this Halloween.

“Many pets get sick or go missing during holidays like Halloween,” said Denise Deisler, JHS executive director.  “It is important that families keep their pets in a comfortable, safe place, especially during parties and trick-or-treating.”

Urban Farmers Want Changes to Jacksonville City Code

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In Amanda and Mark Searle's backyard, the chickens do a lot of the work. 

The hens eat most of the insects that venture onto the property and along with the three goats, they keep the grass trimmed and thriving. 

The animals also provide food for the couple.   The chickens lay about eight eggs each day.  The goats produce milk, which Amanda Searle also uses to make cheese. 

The Searles are one of a number of families in the Springfield area of Jacksonville that have created their own urban oasis by running a small farm literally in their own backyard. 

"More and more people are just concerned with rising food costs [and] what's in their food, " explained Amanda Searle.  "The eggs and the milk that you get are way more nutritious than anything you get from an Agra-business or something from the grocery store.  So, it has to do with health and nutrition too." 

October is Peak Flea Season


According to a recent survey of dog owners in the Jacksonville area, 75 percent of dog owners consider their canine a member of the family, yet only 14 percent were able to correctly identify October as the month when flea population peaks.

Over the past five years, flea infestation in dogs nationwide has increased by 16 percent. Despite the growing flea infestation, local dog owners have limited knowledge about fleas and their potential impact on the family. For example, many pet owners would be surprised to learn that adult fleas represent only 5% of the flea population – the other 95% exist as eggs, maggot-like larvae and pupae hiding in and around your home. And, only 20% of local pet owners are aware that fleas can carry diseases.

We Want Your Pet Pics

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