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On Your Side: Family glad Andrew Jackson student is safe

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.. -- It was a regular walk for a student going to Andrew Jackson High that quickly became a parents nightmare.

"When I got the phone call this morning my heart dropped into my chest," said Shantoni Campbell. "That's my baby and they put a gun to my child's head."

According to police when the 18 year old reached the intercession of 27th and Main streets she was attacked by two black males.

She was dragged into a Black Chevrolet Impala at point of a gun.

"They drove around for 15 to 20 minutes, the victim stated to police she was fighting the entire time," said JSO Melissa Bujeda.

Security cameras from a nearby business show a person that could be the victim at the intersection around 7:15am; the video doesn't reveal more.

Police say the teenager was released at the dead end of 25th street and she ran home to 22nd street.

"She's my first born, my first heart beat I probably would have lost my mind if something would have happened to my baby," said Campbell. 

Patricia Macon, the victim's grandmother, was home when she ran into the house crying. Macon said the suspects took her purse but she was not assaulted.

"She's scared to go to school now, she doesn't want to walk," said Macon. 

The family says after today the student will no longer walk to her neighborhood school.

"We're gonna make sure she gets to and from school by vehicle, no more walking," said Macon.

Police are now investigating the case as a robbery and not a kidnapping.

Lakeshia Joyner lives five blocks from the Andrew Jackson student and said she was attacked by the same suspects.

"He ran up behind me and said excuse me, give me your f***ing phone," said Joyner. 

Joyner, 28, said she refused and her attacker punched her in the face, but she refused to give him anything

"He pushed me down," said Joyner. "I got up he grabbed my phone and he got away."

Joyner lives on West 27th, a few yards from the intersection of 27th and main Streets where the Andrew Jackson student was allegedly attacked.

"Police told me this is the same guy we're looking for," she said. 

Joyner has filed a police report; she has lived in the neighborhood ten years and says while the suspect is still on the street she plans to be more careful wherever she goes.

"He needs to be stopped, this is crazy you can't even walked your children to school, you have to be on guard at all times now," said Joyner. 

First for You: How do you protect yourself?
1. Be vigilant,know your surroundings.
2. If you're being follow and the person does not walk away "Are you following me?" "Why are you following me?" "What do you want?".
3. If you can't get away... be prepared to defend yourself.


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