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'Cronut' craze has made it to Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- What do you like better: a doughnut or a croissant? Now, you don't have to choose.

A croissant-doughnut mix originally from New York was created by Dominque Ansel a few years ago. And now people on the First Coast are going nuts for the "cronut."

"We actually were told about it by one of our partners in the restaurant, and we looked it up, and we decided that we thought we'd try them, and thought it'd be a new way to bring something really different to our restaurant," said Ted Knight at Uptown Market in Springfield.

Now these perfectly plump pastries require a lot of work.

"You start out with croissant dough, which takes about 32 hours over a 3-day period to make," Knight said.

Then you have to fold in a block of butter, roll it out, fold it in thirds, roll it out, fold it in thirds a total of three times. Knight has made them for three weeks now and has sold out every week because they're so unique.

"A donut is just a piece of dough that's either baked or fried, a cronut, because you're using croissant dough with all the layers, expands you can actually see all the different layers in there, and it's very soft on the inside, crispy on the outside like a croissant. And then when you adorn it with the pastry cream, it just adds another level of flavor," Knight said.


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