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Free Beagle - Bites, Stinks, Hates Kids and has Fleas!
Free Beagle - Bites, Stinks, Hates Kids and has Fleas!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- You never know what kind of fun you're gonna find on Jacksonville's Craigslist!

Today, this ad for a free dog had us in stitches. The owner even says he'll pay you to com pick him up! Surely someone wants a dog that stinks, scratches, bites, has fleas and no teeth!

Here's the link if you want to see it on Craigslist and maybe find yourself a new dog!

Link: Free Dog, Beagle on Jacksonville Craigslist

Check out what the owner says in the ad below:

"Free dog, infact , scratch that ile pay u to come and get him...........He's a beagle, 10yrs old. He stinks. Even after he's had a bath , he still stinks. He will make ur whole house stink, and did i mention the hair.......... seems his is always falling out, u wont ever be able to wear black again. We keep flea medication on him, however in the summer he's alergic to EVERYTHING indoors and out, hes even alergic to plastic, go figure, so ile send along his porcelin bowl. I will also send his collar and leash, so that he can choke himself and drag u around ur neighborhood when u walk him, or rather when he walks u. If u take him u must have slipcovered furniture, so u can take it off and wash it. When he goes outdoors, he just loves wiping himself all over the furniture when he comes in, also his mouth after he eats. Which, by the way he doesnt like dogfood and is alergic to most , so ule have to cook for him. He's on a strict bland diet........He's very sloppy, ur kitchen floor will always be wet, where he drips water after drinking....He likes to lay on the sofa, if u try moving him beware, he will bite u.............It really doesnt hurt though, as he doesnt have that many on the plus side he wont chew up ur shoes..........He hates cats and children.................Ile be awaiting ur email............"

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