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New Book Says Ugly People Should Be A Protected Class

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Have you ever felt your looks have affected your life?  A new book called, "Beauty Pays" claims ugly people just have it tougher. 

University of Texas economy professor and author Daniel Hamermesh said, ugly people could make $230,000 less over their lifetime, versus their better looking peers.  He said if a majority considers someone to be ugly, then, he probably is.

But some people take issue with the book.  Rina Stermilla said, "I definitely don't agree with it."
Stermilla is a financial planner in Jacksonville.  She said in her business, looks don't have anything to do with money.  "The ugliest ones have way more money than the pretty ones."

Hamermesh said he did not write this book based on his opinions, but rather studies on this subject.  He adds life can be so difficult for them, he proposes they should be a "protected class."  He said, "I don't see much difference between protecting the ugly and protecting the disabled, and I know that's highly controversial."

Hamermesh said his life has been impacted by his looks.  "I think my looks have hurt me." Hamermesh added, in addition to making less money, ugly people have a tougher time getting mortgages and finding spouses.


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