Urban Wildlife

Apply for Nuisance Alligator Trapper Slots in Duval

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program is accepting applications for nuisance alligator trappers in Duval County.

Visit MyFWC.com/Alligator to apply online or to learn about the requirements. 

Applicants must have no criminal history and no fish or wildlife law violations.

For more information, call 863-462-5195 or e-mail FWCGATOR@MyFWC.com.

The closing date for accepting applications is Feb. 7.

Bird Disease Detected in State

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is currently monitoring a Virulent Exotic Newcastle Disease diagnosis which occurred in Cormorants in Pinellas County last week.  Exotic Newcastle Disease is an extremely contagious and fatal foreign avian disease that affects most bird species but is not life threatening to humans.  Human contact with Exotic Newcastle Disease may cause minor irritations such as pink eye or skin irritations.

Volunteers to Plant 3400 Trees Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Jacksonville-Baldwin Rails Trail will be the site Saturday as nearly two hundred  Greenscape volunteers will plant 3500 trees. The trail begins just west of Interstate 295 near Marietta and ends in Baldwin and is part of a linear park system providing varied recreational opportunities including horseback riding, biking, rollerblading and running. Although the park has extensive tree canopy along most of its route, there are several gaps where there are few, if any trees adjacent to the trail. Through the use of volunteer labor and smaller trees, it is possible to plant several thousand trees at a relatively small cost. Trees will be 3 gallon size and some of the species used will be: Long Leaf Pine, Live Oak, Red Cedar, Southern Magnolia, Sweet Gum, Winged Elm, Holly, Redbud, Sweet Bay and others. The trees will be planted as if designed by nature, not overly landscaped.

Owner Searching for Lost Dog

Owner Searching for Lost Dog

My name is Sarah; I lost my dog name “Butch” at the Shell gas station on Union St. in downtown Jacksonville on the week of January 3rd. He is special to me, and has become my beloved friend and companion. He got out of the car and someone must have thought he was a stray dog. There is a small reward for his return, please call 904-762-6523 with any info.

High School Students: Time to Enter Manatee Art Contest

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) invites high school art students across the state to participate in a contest to create a piece of manatee artwork that will be used on the 2011-2012 manatee decal.

Students in grades 9-12 in Florida should coordinate with their school’s art teacher to submit the artwork, because each school may submit no more than five entries. Home-schooled students also are eligible to enter the contest. Contest details and forms are available online at MyFWC.com/Manatee.

Atlantic Snook Harvest Closes Dec. 15; Catch and Release Still OK

The recreational harvest of snook will close in all Atlantic coastal and inland waters, including Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee River, beginning on Dec. 15.  The annual winter harvest season closure of snook in these areas, which normally ends on Feb. 1, has been extended until Sept. 1, 2011, by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) due to the prolonged cold weather that impacted snook in Florida earlier this year.

Red Snapper Fishing is Prohibited in South Atlantic Federal Waters

NOAA Fisheries Service extended the prohibition of commercial and recreational fishing for red snapper in all federal waters of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and the Atlantic coast of Florida.  It is illegal to fish for, possess, or harvest red snapper from these waters.