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To Yelp, or Not to Yelp?
To Yelp, or Not to Yelp?


Don't you hate it when you get a sitter, get all dolled up for an evening out, and you get to the restaurant you were thinking of and it's been closed down and you're left wondering, "Well, what now"?  That happened to my husband and I recently, but not to worry because I just opened up Yelp on my smart phone and the evening was saved.  Yelp can show you businesses around you or you can enter an address and see what is nearby.

Not only can you locate businesses, but you can write up a review, too.  For instance, I recently got my oil changed at Jiffy Lube on Baymeadows near Philips and I was super impressed with the service there.  The guys didn't try to sell me on services I didn't need and I appreciated that.  My bill was reasonably priced and they finished the work in a timely manner.  While I was sitting in the waiting room with my daughter, I logged on to Yelp on my phone to check-in and let the world know that they, too, should use Jiffy Lube on Baymeadows. is just a quicker way to spread the word on local favorites or disasterous businesses.  That way, the next time you are out on the town or even on vacation in another state and you don't know if "Taco Joe's" is kid-friendly and costs one "$" or four "$'s" (meaning, cheap eats or bring the Benjamins), you'll know in a matter of minutes by opening your app called Yelp!  If you have a smart phone, download it today and start writing your reviews.


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