Meet Ribault's Early College graduates TONIGHT at FSCJ North Campus

Meet Ribault's Early College graduates TONIGHT at FSCJ North Campus
Nearly 50 graduating students from Ribault and Lee high schools have finished their Associate degree requirements from Florida State College at Jacksonville before they get handed their high school diplomas--10 from Ribault and 37 from Lee.

Tennis Advocates Plan Rally to Save Duval County Public Schools High School Tennis

Tennis Advocates Plan Rally to Save Duval County Public Schools High School Tennis

In the wake of the Duval County School Board announcing that boys' and girls' high school tennis is being placed on the tentative "cut" list for an upcoming School Board vote, Jacksonville tennis advocates are coming out in full force, organizing writing campaigns and urging tennis supporters to attend the next School Board meeting that is open to the public on June 13, 2011, when a vote on the matter will take place.

Duval County Summer Enrichment & Grade Recovery Programs

From June 20 - July 29, 2011, Duval County Public Schools will host several free summer school opportunities for our elementary, middle and high school students in need of promotion or credit/course recovery.

Quality Physical Education Must be Maintained in Duval County Public Schools

Today, the Duval County Public School Board will begin to make recommendations to Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals for the 2011-2012 budget. The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association understands the school board is working with the best intentions and  is in an unfortunate financial situation. However, the American Heart Association is concerned increasing the class size in art, music, and PE would greatly reduce the quality of instruction.  In addition, it is possible afterschool sports and activities might be reduced or even eliminated and without afterschool transportation many students with working parents would be unable to participate. Students in the lowest family income brackets would be disproportionately impacted and we know these families are often vulnerable to both high rates of obesity and high dropout rates.

Spotlight on Students and Their Interest on Homeless Pets

Spotlight on Students and Their Interest on Homeless Pets

Students at Fletcher Middle Participate in the Opening of the Beaches Parade

Four students from Fletcher Middle School participated in the Opening of the Beaches Parade with Friends of Jacksonville Animals (FOJA). The girls were asked to participate by the FOJA beach committee.

In addition to walking the dogs and hyping the crowd during the parade, the girls designed posters, flyers and decorations for the float. The theme was “Rock Star” and they gave the dogs names such as “Mick Wagger” and “Elvis Pawsley.” The girls continued volunteering at FOJA’s adoption event after the parade. Four of the dogs found potential homes thanks to students’ efforts.

This project began in December during a service-learning lesson in the classroom. During a unit on research and communication, the students studied and discussed pet overpopulation.

Two Duval County Students Named National Merit® $2500 Scholarship Winners

Two Duval County Public Schools’ students are winners of the National Merit $2500 Scholarships. The 2,500 Merit Scholar designees were chosen from a talent pool of more than 15,000 outstanding finalists in the 2011 National Merit Scholarship Program.

Sarah Davis and Aditya Karhade, two students from Stanton College Preparatory, were among those selected to receive the National Merit $2500 Scholarship. Sarah plans to study elementary/special education, and Aditya plans to study biomedical engineering.

Save Duval Schools Works to Raise Public Awareness About Impacts of Planned Education Budget Cuts

During the next few days, Jacksonville citizens will learn that draconian state education funding cuts -- once considered only a threat or bargaining position -- are now real.  Duval schools are facing more than $90 million of funding reductions in next year’s budget, this after five consecutive years of funding cuts.