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Park View Inn Demolition Underway
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Park View Inn Demolition Underway

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- What was once a downtown landmark, but more recently viewed by many as an eyesore, is being reduced to ruble.

The Park View Inn on State Street is being demolished to make way for a parking garage that developers say will support retail shops along State and Main streets.

"I think the residents of Springfield are glad to see this come down," said Rob Vergnolle, project manager for demolition.

A $300,000 federal grant is helping pay for the demolition work with the condition that retail shops be brought in within five years.  If that doesn't happen, the owner will be responsible for repaying the grant.

The time table for demolition work is to have the five story hotel cleared by Labor Day.  What will remain is two floors that will support a parking garage.

The demolition debris of concrete and steel is being recycled, according to the project manager. 

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