Mayoral Candidate Mike Hogan Receives Fire Endorsement

Mayoral Candidate Mike Hogan Receives Fire Endorsement

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There's another big endorsement for Republican Mike Hogan in his bid to become mayor.

Hogan picked up the support of the 1,200-member Jacksonville Association of Firefighters.

The endorsement came at the association headquarters this morning with union president Randy Wyse saying, "All we are looking for is honesty."

In accepting the endorsement on the platform of an old fire truck, Hogan told firefighters that he believes in honesty, but, "I'm going to represent taxpayers first."

Pensions and salary cuts are big issues facing city employees, but Hogan told firefighters that he intends to make sure they are "properly paid and properly compensated."

Hogan has already received the backing of the Fraternal Order of Police.

City Tackling $60 Million Budget Shortfall

City Tackling $60 Million Budget Shortfall

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- City Hall is busy crunching the numbers to trim $60 million to prepare a balanced budget for the next mayor.

Mayor John Peyton, who is leaving office, is having his staff prepare a balanced budget that calls for no tax increase for the next mayor who will take office in July.

Last year, the city wrestled with a revenue shortfall with a combination of cutting spending and increasing the property tax rate by 8 percent.

The city's next mayor will be in office just two weeks before having to unveil spending priorities for the new year.

Bobby Dean is a taxpayer who wants city leaders to hold the line on spending and taxes.

"Everybody has to make the government a little bit smaller...everybody had had to sacrifice, let them sacrifice a little bit," said Dean, who works in construction.

First Coast Tea Party Mayoral Town Hall

First Coast Tea Party Mayoral Town Hall

The First Coast Tea Party is pleased to announce their first Mayoral Town Hall this Thursday evening from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland will moderate the event.

JTA Wins Federal Clean Fuels Grant; Paves Way for First Hybrid Buses in Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) today announced that it has received a $4 million federal grant to purchase
hybrid buses as a part of JTA’s ongoing fleet replacement program.

The grant is funded through the Clean Fuels Grant Program Funds, a program that supports the U. S. Department of Transportation’s environmental sustainability efforts. JTA was the only Florida agency that received funds.

Status of 17,364 Duval Voters Changes From Active to Inactive

Duval County Supervisor of Elections, Jerry Holland, is announcing that 17,364 voters have been moved from “active” voter status, to “inactive.” This brings the total number of active voters in Duval County to 513,955. The total number of inactive voters is now 52,638.

Three Springfield Residents Vie For Elected Office in Upcoming Elections

In the aftermath of the great fire of 1901, thousands of Jacksonville’s residents, many of them affluent, fled downtown and rebuilt in what is today called Historic Springfield. Back then, it may not have seemed unusual to hear of multiple residents from the neighborhood running for office, but in more recent decades it hasn’t been as common. Since the boom years following the Great Fire of 1901, Springfield lost some of its luster, and with it much of its political influence.

Many Duval County Voters Must Renew Their Absentee Ballot Requests

Many Duval County Voters Must Renew Their Absentee Ballot Requests


A change in Florida Election Laws means thousands of absentee voters in Duval County will no longer receive their absentee ballots until they make a new request to the Supervisor of Elections Office.

17,601 voters who requested an absentee ballot after May 28th and before November 3rd, 2010 must now make a new request to the Supervisor of Elections Office in order to receive an absentee ballot for the upcoming First Election on March 22nd, and the May 17th General Election.

This change is the result of a law signed by former Florida Governor Charlie Crist on May 28, 2010 which states that absentee ballot requests in any calendar year after May 28th would only be valid through the next General (Federal ) Election, which took place on November 2, 2010.