Mayoral Candidates React to Exclusive FCN Poll

Mayoral Candidates React to Exclusive FCN Poll

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  The countdown is on - less than five days remain for Alvin Brown and Mike Hogan to get those final votes of support.

Brown spent the day shaking hands and meeting new voters, while Hogan worked the phhones trying to capture an undecided voter.

The two are battling it out in a very tight race for mayor. An exclusive First Coast News poll shows Hogan leads Brown by just five and a half points.

"I've never depended on them. In fact, in all of my other races, I never even knew what the numbers were...what really counts is May 17," said Hogan.

Brown said he has felt confident all along. "I think we've always said that this would be, this is a win-able race and that poll proves our point."

Voters with Disabilities Vote by Absentee Ballot

Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland announces that the courtesy of curbside voting for physically handicapped voters is no longer permitted.

Curbside Voting was a courtesy the Supervisor of Elections staff would provide to voters who were unable to come into a precinct because of physical limitations. To assist these voters on Election Day, two precinct poll workers of different political parties would carry a ballot out of the precinct to the voter. Once the voter had marked his or her ballot both precinct poll workers would cast the ballot through the Optical Scanner like all other voters.

State Takes Action Against Companies Soliciting Fake Energy Audits

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam announced today the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has filed suit against Unlimited Energy Solutions, Inc., and nine individuals for violation of the Florida Telephone Solicitation Statute. The lawsuit was filed as a result of an investigation of numerous complaints received by the Department in regard to potentially illegal sales calls.

New Black Panther Party Endorses City Council Candidate

New Black Panther Party Endorses City Council Candidate

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Kimberly Daniels, candidate in the runoff for the At-Large Group 1 City Council Seat has the attention of a couple national activist groups.

She has been called to end her run by a group called Truth Wins Out because of comments she made regarding homosexuals, Jews and slavery.

MORE: City Council Candidate: "I Thank God for Slavery."

But a different group, the New Black Panther Party said today that TWO is threatening the candidate.

"We warn the white community, and other conservative groups, that we won't sit idly by while another black leader, and especially a black woman is threatened," said a spokesman for the party during a downtown rally on Friday.

City Council Candidate: "I Thank God for Slavery"

City Council Candidate: "I Thank God for Slavery"

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Kimberly Daniels doesn't shy away from her past, which is obvious in a YouTube video put together by the activist group Truth Wins Out.

Daniels is in a run-off against David Taylor for the At-Large Group 1 seat on City Council.

She offers her story candidly in an interview on the video; she says there are examples of how she has found God's grace.

"I wound up going to Florida State and getting addicted to drugs," she told the interviewer in the video. "Then dealing drugs, getting addicted to drugs and winding up in prostitution."

According to its website, Truth Wins Out (TWO) is an organization that fights anti-gay speech and religious extremism.

Wednesday Marks 125th Anniversary of Vote to Fund Jacksonville Fire Department

Wednesday Marks 125th Anniversary of Vote to Fund Jacksonville Fire Department

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Wednesday marks the 125th anniversary of the Jacksonville City Council's vote to create a paid fire department, according to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.

Several fires destroyed the downtown area a few months prior to the vote, according to a timeline on the Jacksonville Fire Museum's Website.  Three volunteer firefighters were injured and a fourth was killed while trying to fight that blaze.

The website indicates that the men did not know how to use the city's new fire engine.

Months later, on July 15, 1886, the Jacksonville Fire Department became a fully paid professional department.

If you'd like to learn more about the history of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department click here or visit the fire museum, located at 1406 Gator Bowl Boulevard.

City Budget Online Survey Announced

With the second year of Community Budget Workshops complete, Mayor John Peyton today announced an additional way for Jacksonville residents to engage in the fiscal year 2011-12 budget preparation process.  For the first time, Jacksonville residents who were unable to attend one of the five Budget Workshops (held between February and April) may now submit their city service priority rankings online at www.myjaxbudget.com.  The online survey will be available from Monday, April 18 through Monday, May 2.