Police: Bishop murdered with hammer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office responded to a homicide in the Springfield neighborhood Tuesday after a man turned himself in to police. 

Terrence Wright told the officers at a JSO substation that he had killed someone by beating them in the head with a hammer.

"He confessed he had taken somebody's life. He was in the victim's vehicle when he arrived," said Sgt. Lonnie Mills with JSO homicide.

Homicide ran the tag on the car and went to the address associated with the vehicle and found a person dead inside the home according to Mills.

JSO said the victim is Bishop John Henry Bowser, 76.

Police found the victim when they went to the parsonage at 1625 N. Market St. shortly after 11:30 a.m.

Terrance Wright, the 24-year-old suspect, is being held by police.

Wright, was no stranger to Bishop Bowser.

Veteran's family may lose home donated by Allied Veterans

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A formerly homeless veteran and his family are likely losing their home as a result of Operation Reveal the Deal, The Florida Times-Union reports.

The two-story house is located on Hubbard Street in Springfield and was donated by Allied Veterans of the World to Community Rehabilitation Center's veterans program in 2010. As of this year the Allied Veterans still holds the deed to the property according to the Times-Union.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office plans to seize the property as part of its racketeering investigation.

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First Coast Gears: Edsel among the highlights at Main St. cruise

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Ford's failed Edsel division has been the butt of jokes for decades but sometimes history has a way of changing perceptions.  A case in point: Jim Trice's 1958 Edsel Ranger.

The Orange Park Edsel owner has lovingly restored his Ranger, which he bought about three years ago in Texas.  From a styling standpoint, it certainly holds its own.  The most unique element of any Edsel was the vertical grille, which you either love or hate (mark me in the love column).

The Edsel brand only lasted three model years (1958-1960) before Ford pulled the plug due to lackluster sales and a poor quality reputation, according to

JSO: Man fatally shot by police had criminal past

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said a man fatally shot by police Monday had a long criminal history.

Chief Tom Hackney released new details Tuesday on the officer-involved shooting that happened just after 8:00 p.m. Monday night.

According to Chief Tom Hackney, 38-year-old Anthony Dwayne Harris got into an altercation with his 17-year-old son at his son's home on Pearl Street.

Hackney said Harris threw the teen into a china cabinet, which broke, and the boy's mother called 911.

When police arrived, Hackney said there was a struggle outside the home as officers attempted to handcuff Harris.

"The officers began to handcuff the subject, who repeatedly told them that he was not going back to jail," said Hackney during a news conference. 

Resident-driven community redevelopement plan unveiled

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A community redevelopment plan has been unveiled for the Historic Eastside/Springfield and Northwest Jacksonville neighborhoods that has the residents fingerprints all over it.

A packed house heard the plan at Everbank Field Thursday evening for the kickoff of Building EPIC Communties.

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation, known as LISC, with the help of Operation Hope, and the Northwest Jacksonville Community Development Corporation, has spent the last year doing one-on-one interviews with neighborhood residents and group meetings to determine what residents want to see in their communities.

Each community has come up with a quality of life plan for their area.

The goal is for better neighborhoods and housing, more businesses and jobs, good schools, grocery stores and safe streets.

LISC will invest $20 million into these areas to bring improvements and bring more private investment.

$74k fine keeps man from having driver's license

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Andre Sapp is trying to put his past behind him but has a $74,000 fine to remind him and keep him from driving legally.

"I'm not trying to get no pity party or anything," said Sapp,"I'm just trying to get my license so I can go back to work."

Sapp served nearly three years in prison for cocaine trafficking and is now trying to start his life over, but he said the system has him in a legal maze. 

"It is really hindering me," he said.

In 2007, Sapp, 48, was stopped in Brevard County with more than 28 grams of cocaine in his vehicle.

In 2009, he entered a plea agreement; at the time the state imposed a fifty-thousand dollar fine.

"They were expecting payments while I was incarcerated," said Sapp.

In prison and unemployed, Sapp failed to pay the fine. Brevard County turned it over to a collection agency, with interest and penalty, he now owes $74,363.80.

Can a trillion dollar coin help with national debt?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's a suggestion so radical, one Congressman plans to introduce a bill to block it.  There are some proposals out there to solve our national debt crisis with a coin.

Nenad Djondric knows coins.  He owns A Penny for Your Thoughts Coin Shop in Jacksonville.  So we took this proposal of creating a one trillion dollar platinum coin to help pay down the nation's more than 16 trillion dollar debt directly to the expert on precious metals. 

"It's nonsense.  It's just not possible to do," Djondric suggested.