'Sanctuary on 8th Street' offers hope for Jacksonville's youth

'Sanctuary on 8th Street' offers hope for Jacksonville's youth

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There's a safe place in the Springfield community that hopes to save Jacksonville's youth from the dangers of the streets -- one child at a time.

"At first, all of my friends went to the sanctuary and then eventually as we got older some of them starting breaking off. Some of them got influenced by all these dangerous traps in the neighborhoods," said Alonzo Jackson. 

Alonzo Jackson, 21, is now a camp counselor at Sanctuary on 8th Street. He started coming to the Sanctuary when he was in third grade. 

According to Jackson, it was a place where he could play with his friends, get one on one help with his homework, and find the guidance he needed during difficult times.

"I was 13 at the time when it happened and I was going to the hospital every day watching her go through a lot in the hospital suffering with cancer," said Jackson.

Your guide to First Coast 4th of July celebrations

Firework displays and events scheduled to celebrate the 4th of July holiday across the First Coast. Here's a list of the festivities:

Columbia County celebrates 4th of July

Clay County celebrates the 4th of July

Fernandina Beach celebrates 4th of July

Flagler County celebrates 4th of July

Neighborhood networking site taking off in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The first of its kind private social networking site for neighborhoods only is starting to take off in Jacksonville.

It is called, and it started last year in San Francisco.

Co-founder and CEO Nirav Tolia thought there should be an easier way for neighbors to connect.

He said, "Services like Facebook have shown us the value of connecting online with our friends and family. Why isn't there a service that helps us connect with people right out our front door?"

The idea behind is that neighbors can first connect online, then face to face.

Some neighborhoods have planned parties. Others help each other find lost pets, share contact information and even find a babysitter or orthodontist.

"We know that when neighbors start talking, good things happen," Tolia said.

'Cronut' craze has made it to Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- What do you like better: a doughnut or a croissant? Now, you don't have to choose.

A croissant-doughnut mix originally from New York was created by Dominque Ansel a few years ago. And now people on the First Coast are going nuts for the "cronut."

"We actually were told about it by one of our partners in the restaurant, and we looked it up, and we decided that we thought we'd try them, and thought it'd be a new way to bring something really different to our restaurant," said Ted Knight at Uptown Market in Springfield.

Now these perfectly plump pastries require a lot of work.

"You start out with croissant dough, which takes about 32 hours over a 3-day period to make," Knight said.

Then you have to fold in a block of butter, roll it out, fold it in thirds, roll it out, fold it in thirds a total of three times. Knight has made them for three weeks now and has sold out every week because they're so unique.

Semi-driver sought in traffic crash

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is investigating a Monday traffic crash in Springfield that left a man in a motorized wheelchair with life-threatening injuries.

The man was on the sidewalk at the corner of 8th and Pearl Streets when the semi, which was traveling westbound on 8th Street, went to turn right onto Pearl.

The truck's rear tires went up onto the curb and knocked the man from his wheelchair, according to a release from JSO Public Information Officer Shannon Hartley. The man was taken to UF Health at Jacksonville with life-threatening injuries.

The truck is described as a red tractor pulling a dirty white trailer with blue or black cursive writing on the trailer's rear doors.

Man in motorized wheelchair struck by semi

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A man in a motorized wheelchair is in life-threatening condition after being struck by the wheels of a semi-truck on a sidewalk.

The man was hit at the intersection of 8th and Pearl streets in Springfield, according to Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Det. Washington.

The truck's wheels went up onto the sidewalk at 8th and Pearl, striking the man as he sat in his motorized wheelchair at the corner of the intersection.

The man was transported to UF Health at Jacksonville in life-threatening condition.

The truck left the scene, but Washington said police suspect that the driver didn't know he hit anyone.

According to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office press release, the semi-truck is described as a red tractor with a dirty white trailer and cursive script writing in blue or black on the rear doors of the trailer. There is also a gold color vehicle that was traveling south on Pearl Street at the time of the crash.

Springfield Police Blotter - May 2013

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