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First Coast Gears: The Main St. cruisers are at it again

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The young and young at heart cruised up and down Main Street last month in their hot rods and classic cars.  The turnout for the first Historic Springfield Main Street cruise was lot bigger than expected.  So big, that organizers are going to make it a monthly event.  "A number of them just didn't believe that it would be that big.  So now everybody is talking about it.  Everybody wants to come. We're actually getting emails and Facebook messages from all over the Southeast," said even organizer John Wells.

It looks like this cruise won't be a one hit wonder.  Cruisers are hitting the Main Street strip again this Saturday night and every fourth Saturday of the month.  "It's a real cruise.  It's not just a car show or parade,.  It's a real cruise where you can get out and drive your cars," says Wells.

Businesses along Main Street are benefiting from the Saturday night crowds and catering to them.  Uptown Market on 4th and Main has comfort food from the 50's & 60's on the menu.  "We have root beer floats, hamburgers, hot dogs, and chili fries. Things that represent what the era was all about," said Uptown partner Eddy Escriba.

The owner of Joseph's Pizza on Main, a local favorite for 50-years, says she saw customers she hadn't seen in years.  "We all are very happy that they started this again.  It brought back some good memories for everybody," said Susie Bateh.

Even Jeff Wells, the owner of a speed shop all the way across town says the cruise is helping his sales.  "Just people coming in and talking about it and doing some extra work on their car. Getting that extra part.  That chrome piece or what have you just to flash it up a little bit."

The cruise is Saturday, July 28 beginning at 5pm and every fourth Saturday of the month on Main Street between 1st and 12th streets.  It's free. Organizers says there will be plenty of food for sale and entertainment including the local bluegrass band "Grandpa's Cough Medicine."


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