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Break out the fuzzy dice: Cruisin' on Main Street

JACKSONVILLE -   There's sure to be more traffic than usual in a few weeks in Springfield on the night of June 23.  Some long time Jacksonville residents are breaking out the fuzzy dice and going cruising and they're inviting everyone to come along.

In the 60's and 70's, Main Street in Historic Springfield was the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights.  Jacksonville teens lined up in their cars cruising the strip.

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A few of those former cruisers met recently at their former hangout,  the Krystals restaurant on Main Street, ready to relive their youth in a few weeks.  "It was just bumper to bumper," says Joan Burgos.  "All we did was ride," says Jerry Watson, a 1965 Ribault graduate.   "It was the freedom of the automobile," says Emily Lisska

They are making the final preparations  for the Historic Springfield Main Street Cruise on Saturday night, June 23rd.

"It's really not a car show or a parade or anything. It's just come up here, cruise Main Street like you used to.  Enjoy the businesses here, eat at some of the restaurants, hook up with your friends. Just do what you want. Have a good time," says John Wells, organizer of the event. 

"I use to in a nice way, walk these streets," says Diane Winters. She worked at the Main Street Krystals as a car hop in the 60's.  "The guys would want phone numbers so I would write it on napkins but I didn't have telephone. Got good tips though."

Some had their favorite car and and a strategy for cruising the strip. "Who had the shiniest car and who could pick up the most girls," says Dennis Mortimer.  "We'd come down Main Street and want to see the guys and the people from school," says his wife Nancy Mortimer.

During the cruise on June 23, Krystal burgers will be even cheaper than they were 60 years ago.  They'll be free.  "We'll be giving away 400 free burger coupons for the people who are participating," says Krystals District Manager Todd Fletcher.

There's more fun. A makeshift drive-in theatre will be sent up at the car wash on 4th and Main.  In keeping with the theme for the evening, the featured movie is American Graffiti  There will also be a band.

They may be in their 60's now but Jacksonville's adult teenagers say they are ready to rock Main Street and ready to show Jacksonville what real fun was like when they were kids.

The Historic Springfield Main Street Cruise is Saturday, June 23rd from 6 pm to 10 pm.  You don't have to have a hod rod just bring your car.  It will run from 1st through 12th Streets on Main.  The event is free.

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