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Mortality Rates: Where do Jacksonville's Hospitals Rank?

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Mayo Clinic Jacksonville is one of the highest patient-recommended hospitals in Florida, while Shands Jacksonville has 10th highest rate for heart failure readmissions in the state.

Those are just some of the conclusions of a new report just released by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and compiled by USA Today. The report showed that nationwide 86,382 people died from heart attacks in America's hospitals last year. That's down slightly from 2009. However, the number of hospital patients dying from heart failure (123,110) and dying from pneumonia (128,840) last year increased slightly.

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All six of Jacksonville's hospitals ranked near the national average for hospital mortality rates.  The six hospitals are Baptist Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, Memorial Hospital, Shands Jacksonville, St. Luke's Hospital and St. Vincent's Medical Center. Naval Hospital Jacksonville was not surveyed.

Heart attack deaths at Shands Jacksonville ranked the highest in town with 17.2 percent.  That means 17.2 of 100  patients whose admitted diagnosis was a heart attack died within 30 days at Shands.  Shands ranked  31st out of 174 Florida hospitals in that category.  Baptist Medical Center had the lowest percentage at 13.8 percent.  However, St. Luke's hospital had the greatest number of heart attack readmissions at 20.8 percent. St. Luke's was 31st in heart attack readmissions in the state.  St. Vincent's recorded the lowest percentage in town at 18.6 percent. 

Baptist Medical Center had the greatest number of heart failure deaths in a Jacksonville hospital at 11.3 percent.  Heart failure is defined as the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to all the body's organs.  Baptist ranked 68th in heart failure deaths out of 174 Florida hospitals. Tied for the lowest in town were Shands Jacksonville and St. Luke's Hospital at 9.7 percent.  

28 percent of patients who were treated from heart failure at Shands Jacksonville were readmitted within 30 days of being released from the hospital.  That's the highest in town and the 10th highest in the state.  St. Luke's Hospital had the lowest number of heart failure patients returning after being released at 22.1 percent.  

Even though Mayo Clinic ranked high in patient satisfaction, it recorded the highest number of pneumonia deaths of the six hospitals last year at 13.2 percent.  Mayo ranked 30th in that category out of 174 Florida hospitals.  St. Vincent's Medical Center had the lowest percentage at 10.3 percent.

For those patients who had to be readmitted with pneumonia symptoms within 30 days of being released, Shands had the highest percentage of the six hospitals at 19.9 percent, ranking 24th in the state.  Mayo Clinic followed at 19.3 percent and Memorial Jacksonville at 19.1 percent. Baptist had the lowest number of pneumonia readmissions at 16.3 percent.

Out of all six hospitals in Jacksonville, Mayo Clinic received the highest marks from its patients.  Eighty-seven percent of patients would recommend the Mayo Clinic to others.  St. Vincent's,  Baptist and St. Luke's ranked in the 70-percentile.  Sixty-four percent of Memorial's and Shands' patients gave those hospitals high marks.  


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