Neighborhood Places Their Hearts on Patterson Apartments |

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Neighborhood Places Their Hearts on Patterson Apartments
Neighborhood Places Their Hearts on Patterson Apartments

342 W. 10th Street, a.k.a. Patterson Apartments is slated for demolition.  It's only a matter of time: the sewer and electric lines have been cut and it waits in the hands of the demolition contractor.  A year ago, the JHPC (Historic Preservation Commission) approved this property for the (non-existent) formal track for demolition.  Meaning, the owner had his last chance to "restore or demolish" (demolish on his own) the property or MCCD (Code Enforcement) will abate the "problem" by demolishing it. 

A small, growing, and forceful group has emerged in the neighborhood in this last year.  With a heart as their symbol, Preservation SOS sent multiple messages out to the neighborhood asking for their hearts (residents were given decorative wood hearts made by SOS to symbolize preservation support in Historic Springfield) to be delivered and adorn Patterson Apartments to send out a loud message of preservation.

Since becoming a historic district in 1987, Historic Springfield has lost over 450 homes to demolition.  If you wish to voice your concern over the unnecessary demolition of this home, please contact the mayor's office, with it's death eminent, going all the way to the top is the only way. 

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