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Florida Lottery Has Two Huge Jackpot Drawings Tonight
Florida Lottery Has Two Huge Jackpot Drawings Tonight

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Yes, the chances of hitting either jackpot are very very slim. But for a dollar a piece you can get in on both the Florida Lotto and Powerball drawings. Tonight's Powerball jackpot, which is a national drawing, is up to $160 million.

Our state's very own lottery, the Florida Lotto, is now up to $34 million.

Neither are records on their own, but, "What's unusual is that we have such a high jackpot on Lotto at the same time there is a high Powerball jackpot," said Florida Lottery Jacksonville district manager Steven Galaydick.

Right now the $160 million Powerball prize is the highest in the country, edging out the other very large MegaMillions prize ($99 million).

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Galaydick said that our own state lottery, the $34 million prize, is the fourth highest right now in the country.

"And that's getting people to play at a very intense pace," he said.

But the huge double jackpots aren't changing the spending habits of at least one Jacksonville resident.

"I've never won a nickel off either one of them, so I quit buying 'em," said Carroll Cribb.

But that doesn't mean Cribb sticks his nose up at the lottery, no no no, he just has a scientific routine.

"I spend $10 a day on Fantasy Five," he said. "I've won a lot of money off of it."

He said he averages winning between $10 and $150 a day on the tickets, just by matching a couple of the numbers per ticket.

He says he's never matched all five numbers, which would get him a $200,000 pay day should no one else win that night.

So he'll certainly have his eyes on the drawing tonight, just not for the huge jackpots most others will be watching.

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