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Long Time Springfield Business Still Going Strong
Long Time Springfield Business Still Going Strong

As a long time Springfield resident, I often catch myself looking forward to the new businesses in the community. We have seen many great businesses like Three Layers and Uptown Market open in recent years, and I am personally looking forward to trying new businesses like Tres Leches and Deja Vu in the near future. In all of this, however, I often find myself forgetting about the great long standing businesses in our community.

Sargent Auto Upholstery, for instance, which is located at the corner of East 1st Street, and Hubbard Street in Historic Springfield, is one of the most tenured businesses in our community. Originally opened by Mr. Sargent in the 1930s on West 4th Street, the business has been continuously in operation in our neighborhood ever since.

The current owners, the Todd family, purchased the business from Mr Sargent in the 1950s, and moved the business to its current location in the 1960s.

Sargent's VP, and Springfield resident, Sean Todd tells me that they can repair and replace pretty much anything that is upholstered or carpeted in a car or boat, and they are always open to new challenges. He tells me business has been good, but that he would love to get word out to the Springfield community that they are a local family owned and operated business.

You can contact Sargent Auto Upholstery by visiting them during normal business hours, or call them at (904)355-2529

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