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TRC Staffing Services Lends a Hand to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund
TRC Staffing Services Lends a Hand to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund

JACKSONVILLE, FLA. – The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, an organization dedicated to supporting families that are tackling childhood cancer, recently won a grant from TRC Staffing Services of Jacksonville that awarded the nonprofit 40 hours of free, temporary staffing support. The Jay Fund is the first of 12 organizations in the 2013 – 2014 cycle to receive the grant through the Helping Hands Grant program – an initiative aimed at supporting local nonprofits struggling to meet staffing needs within tight timetables and even tighter budgets.

Jay Fund Office Manager Cari McGowan said the nonprofit elected to bring on a technology professional through the Helping Hands Grant as the staff had recently moved office locations and was struggling with technology issues, from setting up the Internet connection to installing telephone lines.

“We cannot thank TRC Staffing enough for the support its technician provided our office,” McGowan said. “Daniel was professional, knowledgeable and efficient, allowing our staff to make the office move with ease.”

TRC Staffing Services of Jacksonville President Keith Fairchild said he created the Helping Hands Grant program to help connect local nonprofits, like the Jay Fund, with qualified employees who can offer short-term immediate relief in trying economic times.  

“It is an honor to award the first Helping Hands Grant to the Jay Fund,” Fairchild said. “The support the Jay Fund provides families every day makes an incredible difference in the lives of those battling childhood cancer. We are proud to have connected the Jay Fund with someone who can make a difference for them in return.”

Twelve organizations will receive a Helping Hands Grant worth $1,050 to $2,900 each over the course of the next twelve months. Grants may be used to provide administrative, technical, professional, finance, accounting, engineering, managerial, supervisory, marketing, sales, fundraising, project management or similar support within nonprofit organizations. TRC Staffing Services does not provide employees required to drive vehicles, handle cash or perform child or medical care.

Helping Hands Grant recipients are selected through a review of submitted applications. The TRC employees that are selected to service these grants are compensated fully for their work and, to the extent possible, are selected not only for their technical skills but their affinity for the mission of the nonprofit organization.  

For more information or to apply for a Helping Hands Grant, contact Erin Powers at 904-641-1665 (office), 904-651-4494 (cell) or



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