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One of Springfield's Best Kept Secrets Intends To Stay That Way!
One of Springfield's Best Kept Secrets Intends To Stay That Way!

On the way to work today I stopped for breakfast at a non-descript little white building known to most Springfielders simply as "Tommy’s". I have been to Tommy’s before, and have waited in line with utility workers, police officers, yuppies, and even a guy who I was pretty sure was homeless. Over a nearby cooler, which holds the orange juice, milk, soda, and beer, is a sign that says "No Beer Before 7am" which, I was assured today, is not meant as a joke. Another sign suggests if you don’t like the food or service, you can continue up the road to Krystal’s.

Tommy’s is the stuff of Springfield legend, one that goes back many years to a time when Springfield was still pretty rough, and 7am beers were probably a lot more common. Somehow the little restaurant still manages to harkens back to the roots of Springfield in its collection of antique coolers and ovens, and reminds the customer of a time when small neighborhood businesses were the only way to get a quick bite on the way to work. They have no website, or social media presense. Just a very strong word of mouth, and a loyal clientelle.

Split into two areas of a small industrial building, Tommy’s offers a very southern selection of breakfasts ranging from the often spoken of "Breakfast in a cup", which includes grits, eggs, and cheese, to boxed breakfasts, to "sammiches". In the back room you can sit and watch the morning news, or play a game of pool.

Today I ordered up a Bacon, Egg, & Cheese, "sammich" for an extremely reasonable two dollars and change.

While waiting for my order, I asked the man behind the server counter, Mark, if he minded if I did a small write up for Tommy’s for He said that while it was fine for me to do so, he didn’t want me to post the address.

I laughed, thinking he was joking. He quickly shook his head and said earnestly "seriously, we are really busy as it is!"

So, the best kept secret in Springfield, Tommy’s, shall remain something of a secret. However, if want to try a tasty and inexpensive southern breakfast, and you happen to know someone from the neighborhood, ask them to take you to Tommy’s.

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