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Free Ice Cream Today: Viva Vanilla Kosher Premium Ice Cream Taste Test

City Kidz Food Science Educational Laboratory in downtown Jacksonville is hosting a city-wide sensory taste test sampling of their newly formulated Viva Vanilla Kosher Premium Ice Cream.  Viva Vanilla is formulated by Teens from Stanton College Prep, which is voted by Newsweek Magazine as the third public school in the nation, Darnell Cookman, the High School of Medical Arts, and James Weldon Johnson Middle School.

The program is designed to provide local middle and high school students’ access to an innovative Food Science Program.  The program, hosted by Pastor Clinton Bush of City Kidz, was a Cornell approved curriculum in the inaugural semester.  The program taught students Food Science using a hand on approach by professors and food industry executives throughout the country.  Our students has successfully completed the program ending with creating their own trademark signature Vanilla flavor by combining natural Vanilla extracts from Vanilla Beans from  different origins around the world.  The students culminated their own branded Ice Cream to be marketed to local supermarkets.

We are very proud of our students for completing the task of creating something special.  Viva Vanilla flavor, from a marketing stand point may be leveraged to create Viva Vanilla Syrup, Viva Vanilla Baked Goods and other innovative products.

We are inviting food industry executives, supermarket GM’s, Supermarket VP’s of private label brands, national food magazine writers, local and regional writers, food critics, chefs, and media personalities to be a part of our guest panel along with the City of Jacksonville.

This is an opportunity for the City of Jacksonville to rally behind students who have dedicated twelve Saturday’s to creating something special for our city. It’s our goal to make sure every student in Duval and surrounding counties get a pint of Viva Vanilla Premium Ice Cream formulated by Teens. 

A portion of the ice cream sales will go to the City Kidz Food Science Educational Lab Endowment Fund, managed by Community Foundation In Jacksonville Inc.  The Fund will be used to offset college cost by providing scholarships. Remember, “Open Your Lids To Help Some Kids”.

We are asking our guest and the general public for a $5.00 donation towards the cost of design packaging for our student’s ice cream containers.

Viva Vanilla Kosher Premium Ice Cream Taste Test Sampling (Focus Group)

  • Date: June 24, 2011
  • Time: 11am-1pm
  • Location: City Kidz Ice Cream Café
  • 1303-113 N. Main Street
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32206

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