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Pickett to be Held at Rutledge Pearson Elementary

The Parents and supporters of the students of Rutledge Pearson Elementary will be holding a protest in front of the school located at 4346 roanoke blvd on today Feburary 2, 2011 at 10am. The students at Rutledge Pearson can  not read, write or do math proficently. The parents are not allowed to come to the school and voulnteer. The principal at this school Debra Crotty has deniedspme parents the opportunity to help our children. When asked why Mrs Crotty response is that she has the right to decide who can come to her school. The board of education has given her the authority. The concerned taxpayers and parents of this school are tired of being denied access to this campus and being treated with disrespect.

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